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Liam Hales

About me.

I'm a Software Engineer from Manchester. I have been programming for over 10 years and currently work for a company called ANS Group who are based in Manchester. Building applications is a massive hobby of mine and to be doing what I love as a professional career is a dream!


Years Of Programming


Years Of Experience


Building responsive state driven client applications


Writing efficient federated server side API’s that scale


Designing clean, simple and modern user friendly UI

Professional Statement.

If I’m not asleep, I’m in front of my MacBook coding or scrolling through Stack Overflow hoping I’m not the only one with the unexpected error I see before me. My job is to craft clean looking front end apps and build robust backend API’s that scale and house the brains of an application. My career is also my hobby and my love for what I do means I’m always up for learning new frameworks/technologies to keep myself up to date with the tech industry.

- Liam Hales

Still interested?.

View my curriculum vitae for a more in-depth breakdown of me, my career and what I have to offer.

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