Personal Brand.

The Logo.

For my brand logo I wanted something clean, simple and versatile for any application which incorporated something personal to me. It’s been through may iterations but today it consists of three individual sections which form my initials. Can you spot the hidden initial? The logo below is interactive!

Select or hover to inspect

The letter "L" which simply stands for my name "Liam".

The letter "L" reversed to form a letter "H" which stands for my surname "Hales".

The bar represents the standard I set myself which I always set high.

Colour Palette.

When it comes to colours I went for a clean minimal palette with a single primary colour that compliments the images of me used on the home page. The rest of the palette is made up of white and a mix of grey colours (most of which were taken from Tailwind CSS) which work well together for the dark theme I wanted to achieve.










For the typography I chose the Urbanist and Fira Code typefaces which include fonts that have a clean, modern and bold style which pair well together. Below you can see what exact fonts I used and their corresponding weights.

Urbanist SemiBold 600

Urbanist SemiBold 600 Italic

Urbanist Black 900

Urbanist Black 900 Italic

Fira Code Regular 400

Fira Code SemiBold 600

Get in touch

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I’ll try my best to get back to you.

2024 - Liam Hales

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