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Over the many years of programming I've gained skills and experience with many different technologies. Most of these skills I use on a regular basis. However, some I have only scratched the surface with.




Runtime Engine










A timeline to show the the major events in my life such as personal goals achieved and the different roles I've been in right through to my current career position. I've worked with multiple different technologies, faced many technical problems and found solutions to build great things.

Jul 2021 - Now

3 yrs

Senior Backend Software Engineer at ANS Group

I was head hunted by ANS Group who I had previously worked for to be the engineer to build and maintain the entire backend for their new real-time service management portal Glass. This portal is the front door to the business and gives customers a completely transparent, single view of all service transactions to enhance the customer experience at ANS. It's my responsibility to build and maintain the backend GraphQL federated API's which provide the data and functionality for Glass, making sure they are efficient and robust enough to provide data with low latency and scale to handle the demand coming from the thousands of ANS customers.


Sep 2020 - Jul 2021

10 mos

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at Mercarto

At Mercarto I was responsible for many areas across their whole platform. One of the main features I worked on was the PayPal integration into their checkout which would allow users to checkout with PayPal. I built both the backend API and frontend payment flow which made this whole feature possible. I also worked on the PLT Marketplace app that Mercarto built for PrettyLittleThing. I worked on the authentication from a frontend perspective managing authentication tokens and sessions and helped to enhance/fix some of the features half built by some contractors.

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